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Final Fantasy Tumblr Challenge


Day 01: First Final Fantasy game you played.
Day 02: Who is your favorite male Final Fantasy character?
Day 03: Your favorite female Final Fantasy character.
Day 04: Which Final Fantasy game do you think needs to be more popular?
Day 05: Final Fantasy You’ve played most recently.
Day 06: Favorite Final Fantasy game. Why?
Day 07: Your favorite Final Fantasy pairing.
Day 08: Favorite and least favorite version of Cid.
Day 09: What is your favorite song featured in Final Fantasy?
Day 10: A Final Fantasy related image that makes you sad/angry.
Day 11: A Final Fantasy related image that makes you happy.
Day 12: A piece of Final Fantasy related fan-art.
Day 13: If you could be inserted into any Final Fantasy world, which would it be?
Day 14: Most emotional part of a game.
Day 15: Favorite villain.
Day 16: A Final Fantasy related fan-site/blog.
Day 17: Favorite battle system.
Day 18: Which leveling system do you prefer?
Day 19: Favorite Final Fantasy constant. (Moogles, creatures, summons, ect.)
Day 20: If you had the chance to jump one characters’ bones, who would it be?
Day 21: Two characters that you think should have, but did not, end up together.
Day 22: Character and/or game that you have grown to like.
Day 23: What is your least favorite Final Fantasy game? Why?
Day 24: If you have played Final Fantasy X-2, what is your favorite dresshpere? Or, what is your favorite job class.
Day 25: Your favorite battle party from your favorite Final Fantasy game.
Day 26: Which character would you want to have as a best friend?
Day 27: Favorite limit break/overdrive/ultimate attack.
Day 28: Favorite Summon?
Day 29: Game you’ve spent the most collective hours on.
Day 30: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 31: Favorite/least favorite boss fight.
Day 32: Most preferred ultimate weapon.
Day 33: If you got the chance to ask the Square Enix industries a question about Final Fantasy, what would it be?
Day 34: Favorite spell.
Day 35: Who is your favorite secondary/supporting character?
Day 36: To be anesthetic, which Final Fantasy characters’ outfit is your favorite?
Day 37: If you could add a sequel to any Final Fantasy game, which would it be and what would you have happen?
Day 38: Whatever tickles your fancy.
Day 39: Enemy you hate most.
Day 40: Favorite Final Fantasy protagonist.
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